1. Version 4.x

1.1. Aura.Di
1.1.1. Getting Started Overview Container Instantiation Creating Object Instances
1.1.2. Constructor Injection
1.1.3. Setter Injection
1.1.4. Mutate object after instantion
1.1.5. Class, Interface, and Trait Inheritance Class Inheritance Interface And Trait Inheritance
1.1.6. Services
1.1.7. Lazy Injection Lazy Instances Lazy Services Lazy Values Lazy Include and Require Lazy Array Lazy Callable Generic Lazy Calls
1.1.8. Instance Factories Broader Instantiation
1.1.9. Container Builder and Config Classes
1.1.10. Auto-Resolution Of Constructor Parameters Auto-Resolving From Concrete Typehints Auto-Resolving From Abstract and Interface Typehints Auto-Resolving to Services Overriding Auto-Resolution
1.1.11. Serializing the Container
1.1.12. Migrating Migrating from 3.x to 4.x Migrating from 2.x to 3.x