PHP Magazin published a followup interview with Paul M. Jones about Aura, regarding decoupled components in Zend Framework 2 and Symfony 2.

Being able to use Symfony2 components or ZF2 modules is not quite the distinction I am making. The distinction is that all Aura packages (with the exception of the Framework package) are completely independent, and have no cross-package dependencies, whereas at least some of the components from Symfony2 and ZF2 have dependency requirements.

By way of comparison, let’s examine something that ought to be relatively straightforward: input validation and filtering. We’ll start with ZF2, then move on to Symfony2, and end with Aura. In each case, we will try to download the package and run its tests; this should be a good indicator of whether or not the package can be used independently. We will discover that you can’t do it at all with ZF2, you can kind of do it with Symfony2, and that it’s trivially easy with Aura.

Read the full English translation of the interview here:

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