As of yesterday, the three remaining “Google Beta” libraries were marked as stable and released:

  • Aura.Filter provides validation and sanitizing for data objects and arrays.

  • Aura.Input has tools to describe and filter user inputs from an HTML form, including sub-forms/sub-fieldsets, fieldset collections, an interface for injecting custom filter systems, and CSRF protection.

  • Aura.Intl provides internationalization (I18N) tools, specifically package-oriented per-locale message translation.

This means all the Aura library packages are now stable, and formally ready for production use.

Maintenance and Feature Releases

In addition, we have issued releases of all the other Aura libraries. The substantial changes were to these packages:

  • Aura.Http: (CHG) Transport now adds a ‘Close’ header when sending a request.

  • Aura.Router: (CHG) Route::attach() now works with an empty path.

  • Aura.Session: (CHG) Manager::destroy() now checks whether the session is started; if not, starts it, and then destroys. (This is because sessions are lazy-loading in Aura.)

  • Aura.Sql:

    • (ADD) Profiler::getLastQuery() to get the last profiled query.

    • (CHG) AbstractConnection::fetchAll(), fetchAssoc(), fetchCol(), and fetchPairs() all now take a third param: a callable to apply to each row in the results.

    • (NEW) Query\Mysql classes to support MySQL-specific functionality:

      • (NEW) Query\Mysql\Select with SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and other mysql-specific flags.

      • (NEW) Query\Mysql\Insert with IGNORE and other mysql-specific flags.

      • (NEW) Query\Mysql\Update with IGNORE and other mysql-specific flags, as well as LIMIT functionality.

      • (NEW) Query\Mysql\Delete with LOW_PRIORITY and other mysql-specific flags, as well as LIMIT functionality.

  • Aura.View:

    • (CHG) Escaper\Object now recursively escapes arrays instead of converting to ArrayObject and wrapping in an escaper

    • (ADD) TwoStepView::getTemplate() to get the template out of the view

    • (NEW) Helper\Form\Checkboxes

Package Documentation and New Manual

We have reorganized the package documentation somewhat; instead of keeping API docs in the gh-pages branch of each library repository, we are now pushing them to the main site repo. It turns out this is easier for site maintenance in many ways, not least of which is keeping a consistent look and feel for the site.

In addition, we have incorporated a new manual. Many thanks to Hari KT for putting that together.

The Future!

The next step is to make a stable Framework and system release. After that, we can review our initial goals to check our progress. Finally, in addition to maintaining the v1 libraries, we can begin thinking about how to move toward Aura v2 to take advantage of the current state of PHP.

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