In addition to the Aura.Autoload v2 “Google Beta” release from last week, we have been releasing v2 beta versions of other packages as well:

Hey, that looks like a pattern: one release per weekday of the new year. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Regardless, you can see continuing updates on our v2 packages page.

The new Github releases API has been a real blessing here. Our release2 admin script uses it to make the release directly from whatever branch we happen to be on at the time of release. Because each Aura library package is completely self-contained, the release tool can run the tests, check composer.json, etc. very easily before it makes the release. (Non-library packages, which do have dependencies, have an additional composer install step before the tests run.)

Happy belated New Year to all, and many thanks to the Aura contributors who have made these releases possible!

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