Starting this week’s “one release a day” series is the 2.0.0-beta1 release of Aura.Cli. You can download it directly or install via Composer and Packagist.

The Aura.Cli package provides the command-line equivalents of web request and response objects. The Context (request-equivalent) object allows insight into the $_ENV, $_SERVER, and $argv values, along with a Getopt object that lets you build and then parse flags and options passed at the command line. The Stdio (response-equivalent) object provides access to to the standard input/output/error streams.

As with other Aura libraries, the Aura.Cli has a very narrow focus. Its purpose is not to provide a base object for commands or a console for exeucting commands, but instead to provide tools for you to use in your own command objects and scripts. (Writing a standalone command script with Aura.Cli is pretty straightforward.)

If you like clean code, fully decoupled libraries, and truly independent packages, then the Aura project is for you. You can download a single package and start using it in your project today, with no added dependencies.

Be sure to join the mailing list and check out the #auraphp IRC channel on Freenode!

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