Last month I wrote about our plans for Aura 3.x. Those plans are coming to fruition a bit earlier than I anticipated. Our first 3.x package is now available for review, a PSR-7 implementation of Aura.Router. It includes some feature upgrades such as custom rules and more powerful route definitions.

This is the first Aura library to use an external dependency. In fact, is uses two: one on the PSR-3 logger interface, and one on the proposed PSR-7 HTTP message interface. Please note that these are interface dependencies, and not implementation dependencies. Any package that implements those interfaces will fulfill the dependency requirement.

Unfortunately, because of the PSR-7 interface dependency, the Aura.Router package cannot go “stable” until PSR-7 itself does. I expect this will be in the next 30 days or so. In the mean time we may tag preliminary “Google Beta” releases.

On a side note, the package documentation uses Bookdown for its documentation. You can see the generated documentation here. Bookdown allows us to keep documentation sources in each library repository. We can then collect them all into a single “book” on the Aura site using a bookdown.json file with remote “content” elements.

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