While Aura is primarily centered around its library packages, we do provide frameworks built from those libraries.



You can read the 2.x framework manual in English or Japanese.


We recommend using the 2.x framework; the 1.x manual is retained for archival purposes.

You can read the 1.x framework manual in English or Japanese. (It has been partially translated to German as well.)


The framework manuals have the following structure:

└── (version)
    └── (language)
        └── (markdown files)

If you are interested in contributing a translation, please check the issues list first. If someone is already working on it, we can collaborate on existing work.

If there is no relevant translation in progress, please create an issue so others know you have started the work on that particular language.

You can then fork the repository and add the 2 letter language code and the translated contents.

The manuals are rendered with the help of Jekyll and hosted on github. You can install Jekyll in your local system and see how it renders.

If you have any questions feel free to ask the Aura community.