2.2.6. Services

A "service" is an object stored in the Container under a unique name. Any time you get() the named service, you always get back the same object instance.

// define the Example class
class Example
    // ...

// set services as lazy; if you use newInstance() it will lock the container
$di->set('service_name', $di->lazyNew('Example'));

// get a service; the first get() will lock the container
$service1 = $di->get('service_name');
$service2 = $di->get('service_name');

// the two service objects are the same
var_dump($service1 === $service2); // true

N.b.: If you try to access $params or $setters, or to call set(), after calling get() or after locking the Container using the lock() method, the Container will throw an exception. This is to prevent modifying the params after objects have been created. Thus, be sure to set up all params for all objects before creating an object.