System Organization

The system directory structure is pretty straightforward:

    config/                     # mode-specific config files
        _mode                   # The config mode, 'default' by default
        _packages               # Load these packages in order
        default.php             # default config overrides
        dev.php                 # shared development server
        local.php               # local (individual) development server
        prod.php                # production
        stage.php               # staging
        test.php                # testing
    include/                    # generic include-path directory
    package/                    # Aura packages
    tmp/                        # temporary files
    vendor/                     # Composer vendors
    web/                        # web server document root
        .htaccess               # mod_rewrite rules
        cache/                  # public cached files
        favicon.ico             # favicon to reduce error_log lines
        index.php               # bootstrap script

config: The configuration files which are common to all packages.

package: All aura packages like Aura.Autoload, Aura.Di, Aura.Router etc and the one you are creating will be at packages folder.

tmp: The temporary files, like cached configuration etc

vendor: All the 3rd party libraries, like Doctrine, Propel, Twig what all you install via composer.

web: The web folder is the one that is exposed to the user.

We will talk more on Package organization and how to create your own package in the next chapter.