Forms are an integral part of web application. Add foa/filter-input-bundle and foa/filter-input-bundle to your composer.json and install the dependencies.

    // more
    "require": {
        // more
        "foa/filter-input-bundle": "~1.1",
        "foa/filter-intl-bundle": "~1.1"


Inorder to create a form, we need to extend the Aura\Input\Form class and override the init() method.

An example is shown below.

 * {$PROJECT_PATH}/src/App/Input/ContactForm.php
namespace App\Input;

use Aura\Input\Form;

class ContactForm extends Form
    public function init()
        $states = array(
            'AL' => 'Alabama',
            'AK' => 'Alaska',
            'AZ' => 'Arizona',
            'AR' => 'Arkansas',
            // ...
        // this will make sure all field names are setup as an array so you can get all fields through $_POST['contact']
        // set input fields
        // hint the view layer to treat the first_name field as a text input,
        // with size and maxlength attributes
        $this->setField('first_name', 'text')
                'id' => 'first_name',
                'size' => 20,
                'maxlength' => 20,

        // hint the view layer to treat the state field as a select, with a
        // particular set of options (the keys are the option values,
        // and the values are the displayed text)
        $this->setField('state', 'select')
                 'id' => 'state',

        $this->setField('message', 'textarea')
                'id' => 'message',
                'cols' => 40,
                'rows' => 5,
        // etc.

        // get filter object
        $filter = $this->getFilter();
        // set your filters.
        $filter->addSoftRule('first_name', $filter::IS, 'string');
        $filter->addSoftRule('first_name', $filter::IS, 'strlenMin', 4);
        $filter->addSoftRule('state', $filter::IS, 'inKeys', array_keys($states));
        $filter->addSoftRule('message', $filter::IS, 'string');
        $filter->addSoftRule('message', $filter::IS, 'strlenMin', 6);

Note : We are using v1 components of input, intl, filter.


If you have type hinted in the constructor where you need App\Input\ContactForm the di is smart enough to inject the dependencies.

You can also do as below

$di->params['Vendor\Package\SomeDomain']['contact_form'] = $di->lazyNew('App\Input\ContactForm');


Form can be populated using fill() method.


In aura term it will be $this->request->post->get()

Validating User Input

You can validate the form via the filter() method.

// apply the filters
$pass = $this->contact_form->filter();

// did all the filters pass?
if ($pass) {
    // yes input is valid.
} else {
    // no; user input is not valid.


Assuming you have passed the ContactForm object, and the variable assigned is contact_form you can use the get method on the form object to get the hints of field, and pass to input helper.

An example is given below :

echo $this->input($this->contact_form->get('first_name'));