3.4. Aura.Router

3.4.1. Getting Started Adding A Route Matching A Request To A Route Dispatching A Route Handling Failure To Match Working Example
3.4.2. Defining Routes Placeholder Tokens and Default Values Custom Placeholder Token Matching Optional Placeholder Tokens Wildcard Attributes Host Matching Accept Headers Multiple HTTP Verbs Secure Protocols Non-Routable Routes Authentication Custom Extras Route-Specific Matching Logic Default Map Route Specifications
3.4.3. Attaching Route Groups
3.4.4. Generating Paths From Routes Optional Attributes Wildcard Attributes
3.4.5. Building Custom Maps and Routes Extending the Map Class Extending The Route Class Automated Route Caching and Building
3.4.6. Custom Matching Rules Writing A Custom Rule Setting Rules
3.4.7. Other Topics Catchall Routes Logging Base Path Route Helpers