3.4.3. Attaching Route Groups

You can add a series of routes under a single master path in the Map using the Map::attach() method with a name prefix, path prefix, and a callable to perform the attachment logic. The callable must take a Map as its only argument.

For example, if you want all your blog-related routes to be mounted at /blog in your application, and all of their names to be prefixed with blog., you can do the following:

$namePrefix = 'blog.';
$pathPrefix = '/blog';
$map->attach($namePrefix, $pathPrefix, function ($map) {

        'id'     => '\d+',
        'format' => '(\.json|\.atom|\.html)?'

        'format' => '.html',

    $map->get('browse', '');
    $map->get('read', '/{id}{format}');
    $map->patch('edit', '/{id}');
    $map->put('add', '');
    $map->delete('delete', '/{id}');

Each of the route names will be prefixed with 'blog.', and each of the route paths will be prefixed with /blog, so the effective route names and paths become:

Any defaults you set on the $map inside the callable will revert to their previous values when the callable is complete.