4. Version 2.x

4.1. Aura.Accept
4.1.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.1.2. Getting Started Instantiation Negotiating Media Types Negotiating Other Values
4.2. Aura.Auth
4.2.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.2.2. Getting Started Instantiation Services Adapters Service Idioms Session Management DI Configuration
4.3. Aura.Autoload
4.3.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.3.2. Getting Started PSR-4 Namespace Prefixes PSR-0 Namespaces Explicit Class-to-File Mappings Inspection and Debugging
4.4. Aura.Cli
4.4.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.4.2. Getting Started Context Discovery Getopt Support Standard Input/Output Streams Exit Codes Writing Commands Writing Command Help Formatter Cheat Sheet
4.5. Aura.Di
4.5.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.5.2. Getting Started Instantiation Setting And Getting Services Constructor Injection Setter Injection Lazy Values Lazy Include and Require Generic Lazy Calls Instance Factory Objects Inheritance Of Parent Values Container Builder and Config Classes Conclusion
4.6. Aura.Dispatcher
4.6.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.6.2. Getting Started Overview Closures and Invokable Objects Object Method Embedding Objects in Parameters Recursion and Lazy Loading
4.6.3. Sending The Array Of Params Directly
4.6.4. Refactoring To Architecture Changes
4.6.5. Construction-Based Configuration
4.6.6. Intercessory Dispatch Methods
4.7. Aura.Filter 2.x
4.7.1. Getting Started Terminology Filter Container
4.7.2. Filtering Individual Values Using A Value Filter Using A Static Value Filter
4.7.3. Filtering Arrays and Objects Creating A Subject Filter Applying The Subject Filter Filter Failures Failure Modes Field-Specific Failure Messages Blank Fields Extending And Initializing A Subject Filter Asserting or Invoking the Filter
4.7.4. Rules To Validate Fields alnum alpha between blank bool callback creditCard dateTime email equalToField equalToValue float inKeys int inValues ip isbn locale lowercase lowercaseFirst max min regex strictEqualToField strictEqualToValue string strlen strlenBetween strlenMax strlenMin titlecase trim upload uppercase uppercaseFirst url word
4.7.5. Rules To Sanitize Fields alnum alpha between bool callback dateTime field float int isbn lowercase lowercaseFirst max min now remove regex string strlen strlenBetween strlenMax strlenMin titlecase trim uppercase uppercaseFirst value word
4.7.6. Creating and Using Custom Rules Writing a Rule Class Set Locator Factories Apply The New Rule
4.8. Aura.Html
4.8.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.8.2. Getting Started Built-In Helpers Custom Helpers Escaping
4.9. Aura.Includer
4.9.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.9.2. Getting Started The Example Scenario Accomplishing The Task Include Order Strict Processing Globbing Cache File Debugging
4.10. Aura.Router
4.10.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.10.2. Getting Started Instantiation Adding A Route Matching A Route Handling Failure To Match Dispatching A Route Generating A Route Path
4.10.3. Advanced Usage Extended Route Specification Default Route Specifications Simple Routes Automatic Params Optional Params Wildcard Params Attaching Route Groups Attaching REST Resource Routes Setting A Base Path Caching Route Information As a Micro-Framework
4.11. Aura Session
4.11.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.11.2. Getting Started Instantiation Segments Flash Values Lazy Session Starting Saving, Clearing, and Destroying Sessions
4.11.3. Session Security Session ID Regeneration Cross-Site Request Forgery Session Lifetime
4.12. Aura.Sql
4.12.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.12.2. Getting Started Instantiation Array Quoting The perform() Method New fetch*() Methods New yield*() Methods
4.12.3. Profiler
4.12.4. Connection Locator Construction-Time Configuration Profiler
4.13. Aura.SqlQuery
4.13.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.13.2. Getting Started
4.13.3. Identifier Quoting
4.13.4. Common Query Objects SELECT INSERT UPDATE DELETE
4.13.5. MySQL Query Objects ('mysql')
4.13.6. PostgreSQL Query Objects ('pgsql') Last Insert ID Names in PostgreSQL
4.13.7. SQLite Query Objects ('sqlite')
4.13.8. Microsoft SQL Query Objects ('sqlsrv')
4.13.9. Table Prefixes
4.14. Aura.SqlSchema
4.14.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.14.2. Getting Started Instantiation Fetching Table Lists Fetching Column Information
4.15. Aura View
4.15.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.15.2. Getting Started Instantiation Escaping Output Registering View Templates Setting Data Invoking A One-Step View Using Sub-Templates (aka "Partials") Using Sections Using Helpers Custom Helper Managers Rendering a Two-Step View Closures As Templates Registering Template Search Paths Changing The Template File Extension Advanced Configuration
4.16. Aura.Web
4.16.1. Foreword Installation Quality Community
4.16.2. Getting Started Instantiation Request and Response Objects