4.7. Aura.Filter 2.x

4.7.1. Getting Started Terminology Filter Container
4.7.2. Filtering Individual Values Using A Value Filter Using A Static Value Filter
4.7.3. Filtering Arrays and Objects Creating A Subject Filter Applying The Subject Filter Filter Failures Failure Modes Field-Specific Failure Messages Blank Fields Extending And Initializing A Subject Filter Asserting or Invoking the Filter
4.7.4. Rules To Validate Fields alnum alpha between blank bool callback creditCard dateTime email equalToField equalToValue float inKeys int inValues ip isbn locale lowercase lowercaseFirst max min regex strictEqualToField strictEqualToValue string strlen strlenBetween strlenMax strlenMin titlecase trim upload uppercase uppercaseFirst url word
4.7.5. Rules To Sanitize Fields alnum alpha between bool callback dateTime field float int isbn lowercase lowercaseFirst max min now remove regex string strlen strlenBetween strlenMax strlenMin titlecase trim uppercase uppercaseFirst value word
4.7.6. Creating and Using Custom Rules Writing a Rule Class A Validate Class A Sanitize Class Set Locator Factories Apply The New Rule